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What Makes Oil-Filled Room Heaters So Popular and Why You Should Get One?

Winter is THE season to curl up under a big fuzzy blanket and watch your favourite movies. But the winter weather is not always this pleasant and sometimes even the warmest blanket may not suffice to keep the chills away.

So, on such cold nights, you may rely on a room heater to keep you warm and comfortable.

Though heaters are necessary to combat the cold breath of the season in most regions, the hike they cause in electricity bills is probably the biggest downside to them.

This is where oil-filled electric room heaters come into the picture!

Besides keeping you warm and toasty throughout the cold season, the oil-based room heaters derive most of their popularity from the safety aspect and high energy saving specs.

Read along to dissect the reasons behind the popularity of oil-filled room heaters online, so that you can choose the best one for home. Don’t forget to route your room heater purchase through PAYBACK to save more on oil-based room heater price!

Oil-Filled Room Heaters – Things That Work in Their Favour

Before we move onto find the reasons behind the popularity of this type of room heaters online, you should know that they are suitable for single-zone heating. Also, an oil-filled heater takes time to warm and hence might not be suitable for instant heating.

Despite these hindrances, this particular type of room heater has become popular for these primary reasons –

  1. Power Efficiency

Most people often shy away from their desire to use a good room heater due to the fear of spiking their electricity bills.

But those who prefer oil-filled room heaters do not have fret over exorbitant electricity bills anymore!

Usually, the oil-filled electric heaters from leading brands, like the Bajaj Majesty RH 13F Plus 2500 Watts 13 Fins Oil Filled Room Heater come with ECO mode to maintain room temperature successfully. Above all, what helps conserve energy most efficiently is its usage of diathermic oil.

The oil serves as a heat reservoir and keeps the room warm even after the heater is switched off. So, make sure to look for oil-based room heaters online that are a pro in terms of energy-saving to optimise your utility bills!

  1. Adjustable Thermostat

This spec allows users to personalise the temperature settings or adjust the same as per the current weather. The customisable heating option ensures that your surroundings are neither too hot nor too cold at any given point of time. 

For example, Usha Oil Filled Radiator (3209) 2000-Watt comes with adjustable thermostat and overheating protection, making it an extremely user-friendly appliance.

  1. Programmable Timer

With the help of a programmable timer, you can set a time in advance to switch off the heater. It will save you from the ordeal of leaving your bed to switch it off right when you were about to feel comfortable. This timer also minimises the risk of forgetting to turn off the heater before stepping out of the house.

Buy Oil filled room heaters

  1. Noise-free Interiors

The constant noise of room heaters can be anything but comforting!

It is down-right annoying.

You can do away with having to deal with such annoyance when using any oil-filled room heaters. Since the appliance does not have a fan and relies on radiant convection heating, it does not make any noise.

Rest assured, you will sleep like a baby.

Check out Flipkart sale today offer to grab the best deals on noise-free oil-filled room heaters!

  1. Ease of Mobility

Do you prefer working in your living room more than in your study or bedroom? Don’t worry! This type of heater comes with wheels or handles that make it easy to move around.

Say, for example, Havells OFR 9F PTC Oil Filled Room Heater comes with caster wheels that make movement easier and allows users to carry the heater from one room to another.

You no longer have to keep your heater fixed in a single place anymore. Warm yourself on the go, as you move around with your household chores.

These heaters fit effortlessly in both big and small living rooms, bedrooms and even garages, among others!

Usually, oil-filled room radiators come under the most expensive segment of room heaters online. But then again, they are most efficient when it comes to conserving energy and keeping the rooms warm and comfortable for a long time.

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There are four ways to save on your purchase –

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Reasons to Get an Oil-Filled Room Heater Now!

In a nutshell, let us make it clear why you should consider buying the best of oil-based room heaters online –

  1. They are suitable for individuals who are prone to allergy. This type of heaters doesn’t come with fans, and consequently don’t trap allergens or expose you to them.
  2. Since the heater doesn’t really burn any oil to produce heat, it helps maintain the room’s air quality.
  3. When compared to most other room heaters, oil-filled radiators are not notorious in terms of noise.
  4. They come with an insulated outer body making them safe around kids and pets.
  5. These heaters not only generate heat in the most energy-efficient way but also retain it for the longest.

Hope these reasons are enough for you to bring any of the most popular oil-based room heaters online home and enjoy the season of cosy winter to the fullest.

No matter which brand you choose in the end, make sure to purchase it through PAYBACK’s portal to earn points and accelerate savings. This will help you to make the most of the user-centric loyalty programme and grab the best deals online every time!

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