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Top 8 Offers on Philips Trimmers on Amazon

Trimmers have transformed how we used to shave!

Whether you want to sport a goatee or a demure stubble, you can get it done easily with a trimmer. And, when it comes to trimmers, what better brand to turn to than Philips?

You can buy trimmer Philips online from a range of shopping destinations. But, if you are seeking offers that will help you make the most of your purchase, there is no better platform than Amazon.

Further, to help you compound such benefits, there’s the PAYBACK loyalty programme. With PAYBACK, you can make shopping for trimmers online much more rewarding.

How? Read along.

The Best Amazon Offers on Philips Trimmers

Amazon India brings a slew of offers on Phillips trimmers to help shoppers save on their purchases. However, it’s necessary to know how or where you can find those offers.

Take a look.

1. Today’s Deals

The Amazon India portal features a Today’s Deals section, where they list new products at attractive discounts every day.

You can find it on the dashboard if you are shopping through its website, or by clicking on the three bars on its app. There you can find several products, including electronics like Philips trimmers.

Be on the lookout for such offers when planning to buy trimmer Philips. To know the future deals that will be available, click on the Upcoming option featured here.

2. Vouchers

You can use an e-voucher to shop for Philips trimmers on Amazon. But where do you get such vouchers?

If you have amassed substantial PAYBACK points, you can choose to redeem those for an Amazon e-voucher. That way, you can make shopping for Philips trimmers on Amazon virtually free!

In case you don’t have sufficient points, you can use both PAYBACK points and cash to avail of such an e-voucher.

What’s more, you can earn PAYBACK points on your purchase using an Amazon e-voucher as well, if you shop via the app or website.

3. Save Extra

During Amazon online shopping for Philips trimmers, you can view a Save Extra with offers section under the specific product.

Usually, this section features –

  • Bank offers
  • Cashback
  • Partner offers

With Bank offers, you can get Amazon Pay cashback of up to 10% of the purchase price by using specified bank debit/credit cards. You might also avail direct discounts by paying with a certain bank card.

The cashback section features, well you guessed it, several cashback options that one can avail. If you are an Amazon Prime member, your cashback benefits will be more handsome. Nevertheless, check whether you qualify for such offers.

Lastly, on Partner offers, you can find EMI options or GST benefits – if yours is a business account.

Check these thoroughly before making a purchase. You can also couple your PAYBACK benefits with these offers.

For instance, suppose you have redeemed your PAYBACK points for a Rs. 500 Amazon voucher and the Philips trimmer you’re buying is of Rs. 1000 approx. So, you can avail such aforementioned bank offers, cashbacks, and partner offers on the remaining Rs. 500 that is not covered by such voucher, for accelerated savings.

4. Add product to wishlist

Discounts on trimmers come and go, but it may not be feasible to check for those every day. So, what do you do?

Add your favourite Philips trimmer to the wishlist. That way, you will receive notifications from Amazon telling you when discounts or offers are available on the product.

You can do so before an Amazon sale as well, like those mentioned above, to know if they will attract discounts on such upcoming events.

5. Reward points

One of the easiest ways to optimise your shopping benefits for a Philips trimmer with Amazon is by routing your purchase via PAYBACK’s app or website. How does that help?

Well, when you shop for Philips trimmers via PAYBACK, you earn assured reward points on your transaction. And not just for Philips trimmers, but every product you buy through PAYBACK’s app or website earns you points.

With substantial reward points to your credit, you can enjoy discounts on future purchases, avail e-vouchers of your favourite shopping destinations and brands, and an array of other benefits.

You can check these out in the catalogue e-rewards section. Additionally, by using the PAYBACK app, you earn 2x reward points. That way, you can reach your shopping goals quickly!

6. Coupons

PAYBACK coupons are another way you can make shopping for Philips trimmers on Amazon rewarding. Just, visit the Coupons section, activate one, and head out to shop.

By activating a coupon, you enjoy bonus PAYBACK points on your purchase and also stand to earn handsome reward points as part of a lucky winner draw.

Thus, you can accelerate points back, which you later redeem for such benefits as mentioned above.

7. Double dip

There’s more in store for you if you’re an ICICI bank cardholder. While you earn substantial reward points by routing your purchase on Amazon via PAYBACK’s app or website, it doesn’t end there.

When you use an ICICI bank debit/credit card to buy trimmer Philips on Amazon, you earn additional reward points on that as well. So, it’s double the benefits for you.

These are the offers that you can avail of when you buy a Philips trimmer online from Amazon. Keep an eye out for discounts on other shopping websites like Flipkart as well.

If you are not already a PAYBACK member, sign up for free lifetime membership using only your mobile number and name to make your shopping experience more fulfilling.

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