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Saving Tips on Online Mobile Recharges – Airtel, Jio and More!

Do you look forward to your monthly mobile recharges? Does anyone? Of course not!

Mobile recharges are never fun, to say the least. But, despite that, it’s a necessity. In this day and age, not having sufficient Talktime balance or data can be a nightmare.

But, recharges don’t always have to be such a sore topic. With some planning and shrewdness, you can make the most of Jio, Vodafone-Idea, and Airtel online recharges.

How? Read along!

Tips and Tricks to Maximise Savings on Mobile Recharges

There are several ways to get the most value out of your periodical mobile recharges. Here are some –

  • Promo offers

Several online recharge platforms, like Amazon, Mobikwik, and the likes provide promotional offers when you recharge via their portals.

With these offers, you can avail direct benefits like cashbacks, or enter into lucrative lucky draws. Such promo deals are of two types –

  • Payment mode-specific
  • Amount-specific

For instance, you might find a promotional offer on Amazon India that says if you use Amazon Pay UPI for Airtel recharge DTH, you will earn assured cashback of up to 10% the amount.  

On the other hand, some deals might also stipulate an eligibility amount to avail of cashback or any other benefits. For example, a deal might need you to recharge for Rs. 200 or above to be eligible for a cashback of up to Rs. 50.

Check these out thoroughly before recharging.

  • Reward points

Reward points are also an excellent way to save on mobile recharges. For instance, you can recharge online for free if you have sufficient PAYBACK points directly through its app or website.

In case of insufficient points to your credit, you can club those points with online payment to avail a discount. What’s more, you’ll be eligible to earn reward points on such transaction as well.

But how do you accumulate reward points?

With PAYBACK, you can earn reward points on online shopping every time by purchasing via its website or app.

You can also earn PAYBACK points at its partner in-store outlets by mentioning your registered mobile number during checkout.

Also, don’t forget to check out PAYBACK Coupons, and earn accelerated reward points on transactions.

  • Bundled offers

Online recharge sites also bring bundled offers on prepaid and postpaid Jio recharge plans or that of other operators. How do they work?

Such offers usually require you to recharge several mobile numbers to avail an enormous cashback or more attractive benefits, like coupons and vouchers.

For example, you might find an offer asking you to recharge 5 times using your Amazon Pay balance to receive a cashback of up to Rs. 150. You can go for Airtel online recharge for your whole family and even friends to enjoy such benefits.

However, make sure to check the eligibility criteria and validity for such bundled offers. These mostly remain valid for a month or so.

For instance, one offer might spell out that you need to spend at least Rs. 30 per recharge and complete five recharges, valid till 31st October.

So, keep in mind these factors when leveraging such bundled offers to receive cashback or other benefits.

  • Vouchers

With loyalty programmes like PAYBACK, a multi-brand initiative, you can redeem your accumulated reward points for an e-voucher.

For instance, suppose you have amassed 5000 PAYBACK points. You can redeem those for an Amazon e-voucher of Rs. 1000.

Once redeemed, copy the voucher code, and add it to your Amazon Pay balance and recharge online. That way, your entire Airtel online recharge or that for any other operator becomes entirely free of cost.

What’s more, you can leverage mobile recharging with a voucher to avail cashback or other promotional offers and maximise your benefits.

  • Operator offers

It’s not just the payment platforms that provide cashback and other promotional offers. You can also avail of a host of benefits on dedicated operator recharge apps or portals.

For instance, you can access a range of Jio recharge offers by topping up through the My Jio app. Such app-exclusive deals include cashback, data coupons, etc.

Therefore, make sure to check your operator’s app for such exclusive deals and offers before recharging. Ensure to verify your eligibility before proceeding.

  • Bank deals

Banks are not far away from the action either. Dedicated financial institution websites and apps also provide the facility of online mobile and D2H recharges now. One benefit of topping up through bank apps is there’s no third-party platform involved in initiating payments.

However, not all bank apps provide offers on Vodafone-Idea, Jio or, Airtel online recharge. Thus, make sure to check out whether those kinds of deals are available or not before recharging.

  • Link loyalty programme with e-wallet

In case you use e-wallets, like Mobikwik, for booking tickets online, payments at local stores, online shopping and recharging as well, you’re in luck.


With a PAYBACK loyalty program, you can earn substantial reward points by linking your number with Mobikwik. All you need to do is add the PAYBACK registered number in Mobikwik’s wallet section.

Following that, you can earn reward points on every payment made through it, including mobile recharges, like Airtel online recharge.

Redeem those points later for a host of benefits, including discounts on purchases and shopping vouchers.

This way, you can optimise the advantages of online recharging considerably.

  • Check out recharges with additional benefits

Several operators, like Reliance Jio and Airtel, are providing additional benefits with specific mobile recharge plans.

One of the most popular ones here is a free subscription to OTT platforms, like Disney+ Hotstar.

Such recharge options are a tad pricier than regular Jio recharge plans or plans from different operators.

However, when you do the math, you can see that it’s actually you who’s benefitting from the deal. When combined, the price of both recharge and subscription is more affordable.

Aside from these, keep an eye out for customised recharge offers provided by operators from time to time.

Plan ahead and wisely to make the most out of online mobile recharging.

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