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Novel Online Courses that Udemy Offers

Always be ready to upskill yourself!! In this ultra-competitive world, you’ve got to be one step ahead of others to survive. Hence, if you need a convenient online portal where you can learn, try Udemy! There are plenty of Udemy offers that make learning cheaper! Whether it is in programming, business, or personal development, learning new courses helps to transform you into a skilled professional.

This blog will discuss 5 things that you never knew you could learn online from Udemy. Moreover, to sweeten the deal, PAYBACK is offering a Udemy course coupon worth 100 points. So, if you complete one transaction for a course at Udemy in September (validity ends after the 30th), you can earn around 100 PAYBACK points!

What are you waiting for? Get cracking on your upskilling!

Udemy offers online courses

5 Courses to Learn Online from Udemy

  1. Creative Writing

If writing is your thing, or you’ve always dreamed of getting your written skills polished, take a course at Udemy.

Good written & communication skills are a must in today’s world. Knowing how to write is a valuable modern skill to get your point across succinctly and without contention.

Moreover, writing opens up a world of career opportunities. For example, you can become a copywriter, screenplay writer, novelist, content marketer, digital marketer, editor, etc. Further, you can write stories for games, YouTube video scripts etc.

There are endless possibilities. Udemy offers courses on a plethora of writing genres like Poetry, Playwriting, Fictional writing, etc.

Moreover, PAYBACK is presently providing patrons with a Udemy offer and an added benefit to earn 100 points if you avail the coupon on PAYBACK.

  1. Programming

Udemy offers many courses on programming languages like Java, Python, C++, etc. It also offers courses on database languages, such as MySQL, etc.

The courses are designed for complete beginners as well as advanced programmers who want to revise or reinvent themselves.

As you may well know, programming presently runs the world. With a complete transference of every aspect of our lives to the online realm, it’s going to be hard to imagine a world without programming.

The advantage of Udemy courses is that they are bite-sized with concise and tailor-made material for a complete understanding of the subject. Therefore, try out R, Dart, PHP, CSS, C, C++, Go, and many other courses.

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  1. Marketing

Marketing continues to be a popular course to choose in this hyper-competitive world. Whether entrepreneurs or laypersons, everyone should have a basic idea about personal branding and social media marketing.

It helps you present the best version of yourself, whether at a job or on social media. Moreover, marketing is quite a lucrative career option. From the world’s top marketing firms to start-ups, there is a lot of effort involved in branding a product and releasing it into the world.

Moreover, if you run your own brand or business with no dedicated marketing channel, then this course is for you!

Udemy offers courses on Advertising, Branding, Social Media Marketing etc. There is a Udemy free coupon available for September on PAYBACK. You can activate the coupon and avail of it to earn 100 points. Moreover, you can redeem these points later to get discounts on other items. Ever been rewarded for purchasing? With PAYBACK, you have.

Online courses
  1. Photography

You may think photography ought not to be taught, but to become a true professional and learn the trade tricks, a photography course is a perfect option. Learn from various subcategories, such as Wedding Photography, Food Photography, Videography, Drone Photography, Photoshop etc., only on Udemy.

Moreover, taking a decent picture can make you popular on social media, among friends and is a soft skill that can make you the designated photographer at the workplace.

Using various software tools and different camera or composition styles, Udemy offers multiple courses with plenty of practice. Learn the best of DSLR photography, lighting, composition, landscape, portrait, travel and different types of cameras from the courses on Udemy. You can also kick-start a rewarding career with photography with these well-designed courses.

Apart from the PAYBACK 100 points coupon that you can earn on any Udemy transaction, there are plenty of other coupons available. You can check out the coupons on PAYBACK.

  1. Office Productivity

Before you set out into the workspace, there are plenty of Office productivity tools and apps that you should get a hand of. But, unfortunately, no one at the workplace will teach you to use these, and you have to get accustomed to them yourself.

Hence, learning office productivity tools can greatly benefit you in your professional life. Udemy probably anticipated this as it offers courses on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. In addition, it also offers courses on Google’s products, such as Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms and etc.

So, get upskilled immediately on the basic software that is ubiquitous in the workplace. It will help you to stand out from the crowd of job seekers. Moreover, knowing some office productivity software certainly increases your value in the job market.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are a host of other subjects available on the Udemy platform. For example, you can learn Yoga, Psychology, Art, Painting, Finance, Accounting, Cryptocurrencies, etc. So, expand your horizons today!

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Udemy offers plenty of discounts as well on their website. Hence, you can get some of these courses at a much lesser value. So, choose to boost your career today with a host of interesting courses on Udemy. And make it more valuable by availing of that coupon from PAYBACK. Earn 100 points!

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