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Beating the Tropical Weather with Most Efficient Air Coolers!

In whichever part of the country we live in, we will surely be experiencing hot & dry or wet & humid weather, and the one thing that will bring much needed breeze to us are the Air Coolers. The best air-coolers, be it the Desert (large), Window (medium), Tower or Personal (small), are all equipped with aerodynamically designed fan blades and powerful fan motor, to cool every corner, quite literally. And moreover, we shouldn’t forget that air coolers are efficient power consumers and thereby keeping the rising electricity bills under check.  

Although buying air cooler online is pretty much easy and quite affordable with lots of deals available, but in order to choose the right one, you need to do some homework on the types of cooler available, the right size and features required, and other aspects.

So, let’s have a look at what all is key to purchasing the right air cooler.

Key Features of Air Cooler

Today air coolers come equipped with numerous options at hand, but we will begin with the essential features to be taken care of –

  • Size options

While purchasing Air Coolers, you should always check the CFM requirement of your room or space.

CFM or “cubic feet per minute” of airflow in a room denotes the optimal airflow required to cool a space effectively. You can calculate it by multiplying the area of a room with its height and then divide the result by two.

For example, if the area of a room is 500 sqft and its height is 10ft. its CFM will be calculated as (500×10)/2 = 2500. This means that you will require a cooler with a CFM of 2500 to cool the room optimally.

  • Cooling pads

Air coolers are generally fitted with Aspen wood wool or Honeycomb cooling pads. The honeycomb pad is more effective since it comes with the thickness of 90mm, and are designed to offer low-pressure drop, maximum cooling and longevity.

  • Water level indicator and controller

Coolers come with pre-fitted water level controllers and indicators, making them much more efficient, as it helps us check the water levels in the cooler tank easily and does away with the risks of overflowing.

  • Electronic thermostat

Nowadays, many innovative coolers with some industry-first features come equipped with an electronic thermostat that offers variations in fan speed and the option to switch the cooler’s fan and pump automatically. This allows you to regulate the cooling inside a room, as per your needs.

  • Automatic dampers

Modernair coolers nowadays are equipped with automatic dampers having flaps that open & shut when the cooler is switched on and off. These dampers prevent the accumulation of dust particles inside the cooler and consequently expand its longevity.

  • Remote-controlled functionality

Manual controls are things of the past, and so it is understood that you go for the remote-controlled functionality. It comes with the benefit of setting sleep time, to boost its energy efficiency.

  • Portability

Mobility is the biggest advantage for having cool temperature wherever you go or be sitting or lying in your room or personal space. Also, coolers that come with a castor at the bottom will further add to your conveniences.

Once you have shopped online the right air cooler model, need to learn a few salient points to make the air cooler work with maximum efficiency to enhance the benefits.

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How to Ensure Optimum Cooling?

  • Ensure room is well-ventilated

Unlike air-conditioning systems, coolers work on the principle of evaporation – the hot air passes through its cooling pads to produce recycled cool air. Air coolers work well when it is hotter and dryer outside owing to their ability to add moisture to the air. The reason why coolers are considered healthy is that they simply act as a cool air thrower and that air is cooled naturally. That is why, to enjoy maximum cooling, make sure that you place it in a well-ventilated space.

  • Add a few ice cubes to the water

While a few coolers come with built-in ice compartments, you can add a handful of ice cubes in the water tank to make sure that the cooling pads remain drenched in cold water. It is one of the most effective ways to let cold air come out through the vents. 

  • Saturate the cooling pads beforehand

While filling up the water tank, keep the machine running to make sure that the cooling pads are getting drenched beforehand. It allows the machine to work much faster, inducing better airflow.

  • Placement

The placement of your cooler matters significantly to get the best out of it. For instance, placing it in a corner allows the air to reach a larger area in any room. Or, if you have purchased a window cooler, see you install in the window nearest to bed or seating area, whichever necessary.


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After understanding what all is important to look for when buying the apt air cooler model for your house or apartment, in the second part of this blog, we will see the types of air coolers in the market and check out the best models in 2020.

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