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Latest Offerings from IFB Washing Machine For Your Daily Needs!

Modern Indian households are incomplete without a washing machine. The laborious task to wash and keep clothes clean has now been simplified, and with brands like IFB bringing in the latest innovations, laundry is no longer a tiresome chore.

While there are several brands that offer industry-first features in the top-loading washing machine segment, IFB, founded in 1974, has been a pioneer in this regard. You can choose any option from their buffet of offerings, and rest assured that it will be value for money.

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Check out the latest top-loading washing machines from IFB below!

Price: Rs.18,200 approx.

Washing Capacity: 6.5 kg

Function type: Fully Automatic Top Load

When you set forth to buy IFB washing machine, remember that the faster the rpm, the quicker is the drying speed. So, choose a washing machine with a higher rpm. This model comes with a spin speed of 720 rpm and is suitable for families with 3 to 4 members. It has a tub made of stainless steel and has a child lock system in place.

Some of the more effective technologies utilised by this machine are the Deep Clean Technology which is responsible for being “gentle with the clothes but tough on stains”. The Aqua Spa Therapy is also a specialised technology for the gentle treatment of clothes to rejuvenate the fabrics. Lastly, the Triadic Pulsator helps to remove stubborn stains with soft scrub pads and swirl jets that clean the material smartly.

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Price: Rs.20,000 approx.

Washing Capacity: 6.5 kg

Function type: Fully Automatic Top Load

It comes with a crescent moon drum made of stainless steel and spins at 720 rpm. This washing machine is suitable for medium-sized families. It’s got six wash cycles with Triadic Pulsator Wash, a technology that handles fabrics very gently. Other washing modes include Express Wash, Delicates and Jeans, etc. More effective technologies include the Aqua Spa Therapy and the Aqua Energie, both of which ensure easy removal of stains without being harsh on the clothes.

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buy IFB washing machine

Price: Rs.20,900 approx.

Washing Capacity: 6 kg

Function type: Fully Automatic Top Load

This top load fully automatic washing machine, with a maximum spin speed of 800 rpm, could be the latest addition to any typical Indian household. Although there is no heater, it comes with an air dryer, so you don’t have to hang the clothes out separately.

The technology that is being used is the super-efficient 3D Waterfall Technology. You can use this machine for Hot, Quick, Spin and Rinse Washes.

The tub material is made from stainless steel and comes with a useful pebble drum feature that prevents clothes from getting tangled during a wash cycle. When you choose to buy IFB washing machine, do so through PAYBACK’s website and earn reward points.

Price: Rs.27,000 approx.

Washing Capacity: 8 kg

Function type: Fully Automatic Top Load

Apart from the washing capacity of 8 kg and a Triadic Pulsator washing method, this machine comes with a child-lock and other exciting features including 12 different washing modes. The tub is made of stainless steel and comes shaped like a crescent moon with a toughened glass door.

It is equipped with a voltage protection system, a bleach dispenser, and an auto softener dispenser. Other essential features include 4D Wash System, Aqua Spa Therapy and the highly prominent Aqua Energie. You may look to buy this product on any Amazon sale day to save further.

Price: Rs. 29,700 approx.

Washing Capacity: 9.5 kg

Function type: Fully Automatic Top Load

When you buy a washing machine, there is always a doubt about whether you should opt for a front load or top load option. Here’s a fun way to disbalance the scales!

If you’ve got kids, then choose to opt for a top-load one, since some tykes might love to climb in and take a spin when mom’s not looking. But this model has got a child lock to prevent kids from doing just that.

Additionally, this washing machine model is suited for an extended family. The Aqua Energie device energises water and gives clothes a much softer wash.

It’s employs the Triadic Pulsator Wash technology and spins at 720 rpm.  It comes with an air dryer and has got separate wash modes for saris, express wash, delicates, sportswear, blankets and many more! There is a crescent moon drum with a body made from stainless steel. Other features include voltage protection, a bleach dispenser, and an auto softener dispenser.

Why Choose IFB?

When you decide to buy IFB washing machine, why is it the top choice? It’s simple!

An IFB washing machine price is pretty reasonable, and the brand offers great features that help you get fresh, clean and spotless clothes with every wash. Apart from superior technology and excellent products, the after-sales services are also very notable aspects of the company.

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