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A Guide to Buying Room Heaters – Here’s What you Need to Know

It’s coming – the days of chapped lips, dry skin, cold hands and feet, and wearing a zillion layers to keep warm.

And, in this chilly grey prospect, the only warm beacon of hope comes in the form of room heaters, quite literally!

So, it’s time to summon your browsing skills and shop for room heaters online. You will not have to stray far as you can easily find heaters from several top brands like Bajaj, Orpat, and Havells on Amazon and Flipkart.

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But, before you begin, learn about the different types of room heaters available in India –

1. Fan heaters

This type of heaters uses ceramic coils to generate heat. The coil heats the surrounding air, and the fan wafts the warm air across rooms.

These are ideal for small, enclosed spaces, and are typically quite pocket-friendly, like the Orpat 1260 room heater.

2. Quartz heaters

Quartz heaters like the Havells COZIO are ideal for use in small rooms since the heat produced does not cover a wide area.

Usually, only the lucky ones sitting right by it or in front of it can enjoy the heat. Consequently, these devices don’t consume much power and are, thus, cost-efficient.

3. Oil-filled heaters

As the name spells out, these heaters use oil to produce heat. A heating device remains dipped in the oil, which, when heated, warms the surrounding area.

Oil-filled heaters are suitable for all sizes of room. However, oil-based room heater prices are comparatively higher than most other types.

4. Halogen heaters

These heaters make use of halogen bulbs as the heating elements. These are a tad pricier than quartz heaters but consume less energy.

However, akin to its quartz counterpart, halogen heaters are suitable for small spaces; only the people sitting by or in front of it can experience the warming effect.

5. PTC heaters

A vital feature of these heaters is the self-limiting temperature setting. PTC heaters are incredibly efficient in heating a room quickly but do not exceed a particular temperature.

Ergo, these heaters last long and require less frequent maintenance. Moreover, the chances of PTC heaters breaking down are minimal.

You can find these are more types of room heaters online quickly with just a few clicks.

By now, you may have already mentally narrowed down to two or three types of room heater.

The following considerations will help you further narrow down the options.

– Presence of heating elements

Perhaps the most crucial consideration to make is the number of heating elements a heater contains. Usually, the higher this number, the better heating it will offer.

This primarily holds true if you are considering an infrared-type device, like a quartz heater or a halogen one.

Thus, when looking to buy Bajaj room heater or of any other brand, look at the number of heating elements it is equipped with.

– Power settings

You would not want a room heater with a single temperature/power setting because there’s no way of knowing the level of heat it may provide.

Also, a single setting limits its usage, since it can get either too hot to handle or not effective at all.

So, ensure buying devices with at least 2 – 3 temperature settings, like the Usha 423N Heat Convector.

– Wattage

Wattage and the number of heating elements present are both indicators of the area a heater can cover.

Devices that require high-wattage can usually heat a larger space. If you want to use the device in a reasonably large room, consider a minimum of 2000 watts.

On the other hand, if it’s for only one person and the space is small – 400W, 800W, or 1000W Sansui, Havells, and Orpat room heaters may also suffice.

– Automatic temperature control

If you want a long-lasting heater, consider options that feature automatic thermal cut-off when the temperature reaches a specific level.

This adds another level of safety and also prolongs the device’s life. Usually, PTC heaters feature this facility.

However, certain infrared variants, like the Usha Quartz room heater, come with a safety switch that enables the device to turn off when it gets overheated.

– Safety mesh

Every room heater comes with a safety mesh or grille. Despite that, it’s best to double-check whether it’d be enough for your requirements when you look for room heaters online.

Especially if you have a pet or child, it’s best to ensure the slats or grilles are tightly placed to minimise any contact with the heating elements.

– Plug type

Although this might not be a deciding factor, checking the type of plug would help you to make arrangements beforehand if need be.

In most cases, heaters come with either a 13A or 16A plug type. Check this before buying and ensure you have the proper socket or adapter for the same.

Assessing these factors in conjunction with your requirements will help you to buy the model most suited for you.

Besides these, check out the portability feature of a room heater during Amazon or Flipkart online shopping, mainly if you are going for a large variant.

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You are now fully equipped to make the most out of your shopping for a room heater online. And, if you follow the checks and tips carefully, there’s very little wiggle room for you to go wrong!

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