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Stay Cosy This Winter with Different Types of Blankets Available Online

“Winter was made for warm blankets and large books”, and you cannot tell us otherwise!

There is nothing more comforting than staying curled up under a big fuzzy blanket and enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a chilly winter weekend.

But again, the comfort level of living THE ideal blanket burrito life rests largely on the choice of your comforter, throw or duvet.

So, before the winter bids adieu, make sure to replace your old or tattered blanket with a new one to brave the chilly weather in the best possible way.

Confused about where to get the best of fuzzy blankets?

Why worry when there are shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart right at your fingertips!

Just pick up your phone, browse through the list of blankets on the shopping portals and place an order for the fuzziest blanket out there.

You can also buy blankets online through PAYBACK’s portal and earn loyalty reward points on the transaction. Read on to find out more on it and the best types of blankets you can order now! Keep these following in mind before you buy blankets online –

Choosing the Right Kind of Blanket

There are as many as 15 most popular types of blankets. Mostly they are different from one another in terms of texture and design.

Based on your need and preference you can opt for a blanket among these –

– Fleece Blankets

This type of blanket is made from fleece fabric or polyester. It is good at providing warmth, and the soft texture makes you feel like you are wrapped in hugs. These blankets are usually inexpensive and versatile.

But, if you have been using fleece blankets, you already know that they are notorious in terms of static and are not the most breathable ones out there.

Alternatively, you can check out premium quality blanket brands online and purchase it through PAYBACK to avail best deals like discounts on Signature blanket prices.

– Duvet Blanket

If you have been using a comforter all these years, you may confuse a duvet with it.

Though they look the same, a duvet is used with a cover. They are generally filled with insulating material like feathers, down, cotton or polyester.

The duvet cover will make it easier for you to wash it, as and when required.

– Woollen Blanket

Wool fibre is good at trapping air, which helps keep warmth inside and the cold air outside. Woollen blankets are breathable and can be easily layered.

But if you have sensitive skin, or are allergic to wool, you may want to keep looking at other options!

– Sherpa Blanket

These blankets come with two distinct sides.

One side provides a warm and plushy feeling, owing to fuzzy fleece, while the other side is mostly smooth flannel.

If you are not too keen on heavy blankets, you will enjoy snuggling with a Sherpa blanket for sure!

– Comforter

This popular blanket comes with a filling of warm materials like down, cotton, feather or polyfill.

If you love fluffy things, you will enjoy staying bundled up under a comforter.

Also, what works best for comforter is that it retains heat without being heavy!

Usually, the price of a comforter is higher than most other blankets. But if you are a PAYBACK member, you can save considerably on the price of blankets in more than one way.

Say, you have accumulated substantial PAYBACK points that is equivalent to the cost of a comforter.

You can redeem points to get it for free!

But, what if you are only half-way through the number of points required?

No worries! You can pay half in cash and the rest in points and order a fine-quality comforter in no time.

You can also choose e-voucher from more than 100+ brands and enjoy sizeable discounts on your blanket purchase.

– Quilt

It is probably the most common type of blanket found in almost all households and has been the go-to option to stay warm in winter.

Quilts are generally made from multiple fabrics sewed together to form a design. They are filled with either wool or cotton. When compared to duvets and comforters, quilts are lighter in weight and ideal for regions which experience moderate winters.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the choices available online, you can just pick one in a fabric you feel most comfortable using.

Usually, you will find blankets in fabrics like – cotton, wool, cashmere, fleece, down, velluex and synthetic. Mink blankets are also among the popular ones that you can try. No matter which fabric you choose, get the one that provides warmth and does not hold onto dust or other allergens.

Get One in the Right Size

You must get the size right when you buy a blanket online.

After all, nobody likes to sleep with their feet hanging out of the blanket on a chilly winter night!

The key is to get one that is neither too small nor too big.

Here is an approximate size chart to help you pick one in the right dimensions (W x L) –

  • King: 90-inch x 110 inch
  • Queen: 90-inch x 90 inch
  • Twin: 90-inch x 65 inch
  • Full: 90-inch x 80 inch

When it comes to buying a blanket for kids and toddlers, pay attention to the size and material.

Usually, it is advised to pick baby blankets online in soft fabric that do not breed allergens to ensure safe and sound sleep.

Other than the type, material and size of blankets, make sure to factor in the maintenance aspect before you buy blanket online. The key is to look for a blanket that requires little maintenance and does not deteriorate every time you get it washed.

No matter which blankets you prefer the most or what you buy at the end, don’t forget to use the PAYBACK APP to earn 2X more points on the purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy blanket online now to enjoy the winter chills every day!

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