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Amazing Amazon Offers this Diwali for Grab

It’s that time of year again!!! Diwali is around the corner, and boy is it time to shop till you drop. (online, of course!) Your home, wardrobe, and gadget collection are all in need of sprucing up, so why are you hesitating? A lack of funds in this cash-strapped COVID-19 era? That’s okay!

Amazon has put out some fantastic offers, and PAYBACK has simply stepped up to sweeten the deal.

Here’s how the two companies are working in tandem to get you the most significant discounts and rewards you’ve ever seen!

Amazon Offers and PAYBACK

PAYBACK is India’s most extensive rewards program. If you shop with PAYBACK’s partners, and there is a plethora of them, such as Amazon, Domino’s, Uber, Pantaloons, etc., you can earn PAYBACK points.

So, whenever you shop on Amazon, even during the Amazon Great Indian Festive Sale 2021, you can earn points on PAYBACK.

Redeem these points later for vouchers or products. Moreover, PAYBACK also occasionally gives you personalised Coupons that you can activate to earn bonanza points. Hence, whenever you shop next, route that purchase via PAYBACK and be rewarded for splurging!

Amazon offers this Diwali

Now let’s take a look at the different Amazon offers this Diwali.

Amazon India Festive Sale Offers

  1. Up to 80% off on men’s fashion

Amazon has mammoth discounts on menswear. Clothes, underwear, shoes, watches, shirts, slacks, eyewear, chinos, raincoats, tracksuits, formal trousers… the list is endless.

Stock up for the next season with this collection. The deals won’t blow a hole in your wallet. What’s more, you can earn up to 50 PAYBACK Points for every Rs. 100 that you spend on Amazon.

  • Up to 70% off on home and kitchen essentials

Spruce up your home this Diwali with new furniture and kitchen essentials. Wall clocks, sofa sets, home décor, kitchen utensils and stovetops.

Home appliances such as food processors (starting at Rs. 999), bottles, water purifiers (starting at Rs. 1500), vacuum cleaners (starting at Rs. 1600 approximately), geysers (starting at Rs. 500), fans (starting at Rs. 900 approx.), irons (starting at Rs. 540 approx.), etc., are also available.

If you’re keen to earn some reward points, do so by shopping via your PAYBACK account.

  • Up to 60% off on daily essentials

Diwali is a time to make merry. Yet, don’t forget to stock up on the daily essentials. You never know who might stop by on Diwali, and a warm welcome is a must. Shop around for the following:

  • Household supplies
  • Personal care
  • Supplements for health and wellness
  • Food and beverages
  • Baby Products
  • Pets supplies

Once your larder is fully stocked, you are ready to face the festival. However, make sure to shop through the PAYBACK app. Shopping through the app gets you twice the number of points. So download the PAYBACK app on your phone and enjoy the double bonanza!

  • Up to 40% off on mobile and accessories

Mobile and accessories. You can’t do without them. Amazon offers some worthwhile discounts on purchasing mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy M12, Redmi 9, Redmi 10 Prime, etc.

So if you are looking for a new mobile for family, friends or gifting purposes, now’s the time to snap one up quickly. Also, when you shop on Amazon this Diwali sale, earn up to 50 PAYBACK points for every Rs. 100 spent on the online shopping site.

Did we hear a whoop of joy?

  • Electronics Are starting at Rs. 99

Need smartwatches, tablets, keyboards, sound systems, laptops, fitness trackers, accessories and more? Phew! Amazon is offering massive reduced starting prices for the above. It’s time to upgrade your old laptops and defective electronics with this huge Amazon offer. It’s also time to make some friends and family happy by gifting them the latest and the best in gadgets.

Note: Even the music store has some great offers on keyboards, guitars, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and snap up the deals on a gamut of electronics.

Diwali shopping with Amazon

Amazon Vouchers

As we told you before, all that PAYBACK point collecting has got to come to some use. You can redeem the points for vouchers or products all through the year. Presently, there are some Amazon vouchers available on PAYBACK valid till the end of October.

Here they are:

  • Amazon Pay gift card

Make someone smile with an Amazon pay gift card. Exchange your PAYBACK points and avail a gift card. These gift cards are valid for a year. Additionally, you can buy these gift cards in various denominations, such as Rs. 100/200/500/1000/2000.

So shop on Amazon this Great Indian Festive Sale and earn PAYBACK points. Then redeem them for an Amazon pay gift card.

  • Amazon Prime

After shopping on Amazon, you can redeem the points collected by opting for an Amazon Prime subscription. You will get a 5% discount on your efforts.

How to Register on PAYBACK?

If you’re not already a PAYBACK member, here’s how you can become one.

There is no membership fee and no monthly subscription renewal.

All you have to do is create an account on the PAYBACK website or download the PAYBACK App.

Register with your phone number, and you will receive a PIN. That’s it!

You’re ready to use PAYBACK and enjoy the benefits of being rewarded for shopping.

Wrapping Up

Well, those were the best Amazon offers available. So, this Diwali, make others and yourself happy by shopping and spreading the circle of love. Amazon and PAYBACK have got your back. Spend with no regrets and collect PAYBACK points.

Happy Diwali!

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