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7 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Ceiling Fan in 2021!

Buying a ceiling fan might not be as easy a feat as you had imagined!

Usually, there are two primary aspects to look out for when buying a ceiling fan. The first one is that they should be energy efficient (you don’t want a hefty bill thanks to its power consuming feature!), and the second is that they should last long (no Indian household is prepared to buy new fans every two years!).

There are also other essential questions to ask before buying a ceiling fan. What are they? We’ll get to that in a second!

Before that, you should know that the best ceiling fans do not retail for cheap. The ones equipped with the latest features, in fact, can be quite hefty on your pockets.

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Now, let’s get down to the essential questions to ask before purchasing a ceiling fan.

  1. When I buy a ceiling fan, what diameter should I choose?

We know that the larger the diameter of a ceiling fan, the wider is its coverage of a room. This means fans with bigger blades cover a larger acreage of the room space. But what is the exact diameter that you should choose for a room?

Here is a brief guideline:

  • Rooms of around 80 sq. ft should ideally have fans with a diameter of 24-42’’ blades.
  • Medium-sized rooms of approximately 100-150 sq. ft should have blade spans of 44-50’’.
  • Standard sized rooms of about 150-300 sq. ft should have blade lengths of around 52-60’’.
  • Large rooms of more than 300 sq. ft can do with ceiling fans of more than 62’’ blade length.

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  • What is a CFM when I buy a ceiling fan?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It shows the amount of air that your ceiling fan can move in a minute when at its highest speed. The greater the CFM, the more airflow, which means cooler rooms. But this comes at a cost. The electrical consumption is considerably higher for a larger CFM. So how do you choose a CFM for any particular room? Check out this guide below.

  • Rooms with spaces under 200 sq. ft require fans with a CFM of 2000-3000.
  • Standard sized rooms like bedrooms, kitchens of around 200-300 sq. ft need fans with a CFM of 3000-4000.
  • Larger rooms like bedrooms and living rooms with around 300-450 sq. ft need CFMs of 4000-6000.
  • Much larger spaces around 450 sq. ft need a ceiling fan with a CFM of around 5000-9000.

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  • What motor to look for when I buy a ceiling fan?
buying a ceiling fan online
Electric Ceiling fan decoration interior of room

While purchasing a ceiling fan, choose one with a higher CFM and motor. The best energy-efficient motors are BLDC (Brushless DC motor) ones which consume 75% less energy while generating high power. So, check out these motors classified according to size to know which one is a suitable item for your house.

  • 153 mm motor provides much lesser airflow and is likely to become noisy with time. Also, prepare for the wobbles with this length.
  • A good-sized motor for small rooms is 172 mm, and it provides much better airflow than the previous size.
  • Fans having the 188 mm motor provides excellent airflow, and you won’t have any issue with noise or durability.
  • 212mm motors are also durable and sturdy; they can be used for large-sized rooms.
  • A K55 motor is extremely durable, sturdy and quiet. This is the best motor around apart from DC motors.
  • BLDC motor is the most efficient type of motor available, and it consumes about 75% less energy than any other motor would. BLDC motors use magnetism rather than mechanical commutators, which significantly impacts the consumption of electricity. This is a game-changer in electric fan technology.

Prepare yourself for a reduced electric bill with the right motor!

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  • What is the blade tilt to look for while buying a ceiling fan?

Blade tilt is the angle that the ceiling fan makes with the horizontal. The greater the degree of tilt, the stronger is the airflow. The optimal blade pitch for a fan is around 12-15 degrees. This angle makes a lot of difference as the amount of air that is blown, and it should be a delicate balance. You do not want a wind tunnel or a soft breeze. You want the speed to be just right.

  1. How many blades should a fan have?

There isn’t any proven information that the number of blades in a fan increases or decreases its energy consumption or speed quality. So, you can go with three-blade, four-blade or five-blade fans as well. Most people choose the number of blades depending upon what is aesthetically pleasing. The most important factors are CFM and blade pitch. 

  • What energy efficiency should I look for before buying a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans that come with an ENERGY STAR seal are 20% more efficient than others. Fan models that include light are 60% more energy efficient than those without one.

Surprising, isn’t it?

The average wattage you should look out for is 70 Watts. Anything lesser than that, and you will have an inefficient fan on your hands.

  • What is the down-rod length recommended for a fan?

Ceiling fans are hung from, well, the ceiling, of course! But what should be the length of the rod from which they are hung? Here’s a rough guide depending on the height of the room.

  • For a room of height 15,’ there should be a rod of 60’’.
  • If the room has a size of 14’, the rod length should be 48’’.
  • 36’’ rod length is a perfect fit for a space of height 13’.
  • 24’’ rod length is an excellent option for an area of height 12’.
  • A room of height 11’ should have a ceiling rod of length 18’’.
  • A space of height 10’ can have a rod of length 12’’.
  • Lastly, an area of height 9’ should have a rod length of 6’’.

These are the essential questions that every home-owner should ask before buying a ceiling fan. You can find online shopping offers when you buy through PAYBACK.

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