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Getting to Know How to Buy the Right Choice of Refrigerator

With summers out there, we all thirst for chilled water, cool juices and frozen lip-smacking ice-creams and other than seasonality factor, refrigerators are critical for households to keep the veggies & fruits, regular and special cooked food stored in a fresh environment.   

Buying refrigerators online has become very convenient and easy to do in a few clicks. You look for your favorite brand, compare the types, size, features, and technology running them, and final the one that fits the budget. Be it the Samsung double door or single door fridge, direct-cooling type, or the latest frost-free technology, the top consumer durable brands have everything you want. Some of the best and popular refrigerator brands include Samsung refrigerators, LG refrigerator, Whirlpool refrigerators, and Godrej fridge.

Although the above lines make online shopping for refrigerators look like a very simple task, the catch here is in choosing the right one for your house that is just correct, keeping in mind the number of family members, different features required, and the kind of cooking indulgence.

Parameters for Buying the Right Refrigerator

Nowadays, refrigerators do so much more than just keeping our food fresh, and it’s imperative to understand all these features before picking up the right refrigerator. So, let’s look at all the aspects a buyer should consider before purchasing a new refrigerator.

  1. Refrigerator Capacity

The key factor while deciding on the capacity size of the refrigerator is the size of your family. This determines the amount of food you will be keeping inside your fridge. For a couple with one child, a 150 to 250-litre refrigerator should suffice. For a larger family of four to five people, you might want to go for a 250 to 500-litre one. But if it’s a family of four comprising of two adults and two children, a 250 to 350-litre fridge is good enough. Larger or joint families can go for the higher capacities. On the other end of the spectrum, you have refrigerators with small capacities of 40 to 100 litres too.

  1. Defrost Technology

In earlier days, refrigerators use to be single-doors with freezer within and were based on Direct-cool technology where you had to manually take care of the ice formation in the freezer compartment. Though direct cool refrigerators have their own advantage especially appealing to the price sensitive consumers as these refrigerators are economical and consume less electricity. But with time, this problem has also got resolved with the introduction of Frost-free refrigerators coming with a higher price tag.

The name frost free itself tells us that there’s no frost or ice to deal with. These refrigerators circulate the cool air evenly with the help of electric fans. This method does not allow ice to form inside the compartments, and hence does not subject your food to freezer burn.

  1. Compressor

Compressors are most critical component in refrigerator as they are responsible for maintaining the temperatures inside the fridge. If your choice is a smaller fridge then it comes with a general compressor, while medium and large-sized refrigerators have the inverter compressors.

General compressor has been there for long. They get started at very high speeds and continue running at a constant pace, even if there is no cooling loss, and switch off only when optimum cooling is reached. Therefore, you hear a ‘tick’ sound from your refrigerator every now and then.

Inverter compressor on the other hand have adopted to changing times and requirements and are adaptable in nature, in the sense that they can run at varying speeds depending on the amount of cooling required. They start at low speeds and speed up only when there’s a loss in cooling. This allows them to be more energy efficient.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Another important factor to be seen is the Star Rating of the refrigerator model, as it gives us a clear idea about the power or energy consumption i.e. its energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) or star ratings are given to appliances signify how energy efficient they are. The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient they will be. For this, you look for the total units of electricity (kWh) that your model will use in a year.

This star rating is provided by ISEER or the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency in the scale of 1 to 5. For a good energy efficient refrigerator, the rating should be at least 3-star and above. The higher the rating of the air conditioner, the lower is the monthly utility bills. Always look for a blue and green coloured Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) symbol to ensure the authenticity of the EER tag.

Add-On Features for Today’s needs

There are plenty of additional features that modern refrigerators offer to make your lives easier. Let’s have a look at some of the popular ones:

  • Water/Ice dispensers

For those who love everything chilled irrespective of seasons. Water and ice dispensers are found mostly on side by side models. They allow you to grab cold water or ice cubes without opening the fridge. You can simply press your glass against an in-built lever to dispense cold water or ice.

  • Toughened glass shelves

For the long-term use of refrigerator as priority, always look for models with toughened glass shelves. They are more durable than plastic shelves and can take more weight.

  • Convertible fridges

For those who want more from the money spent. Some refrigerators offer convertible technology and are incredibly useful if you’re constantly running out of space in your fridge. They allow you to easily convert the freezer compartment into fridge space and therefore giving additional space.

  • Adjustable shelving

To resolve the problem of aplenty. Whether it is for a large birthday cake or special cooking for house party and have no space to keep it in the fridge? Adjustable shelves come to the rescue at such times, as you can remove a few to allow bigger items to be stored.

  • Cool pack

Cool pack is a feature that’s capable of keeping the freezer cool for up to 12 hours without any power supply. Such refrigerators are very handy in areas where there are constant power cuts.

  • Voltage stabiliser

If you live in areas where there are frequent voltage fluctuations, a refrigerator with a built-in voltage stabiliser is the best choice. These models have the capability protect the compressor from high voltage fluctuations.

  • Deodoriser

If you are too much worried about foul smells or rotten food, deodorisers help remove odour from your fridge with the use of powerful filters. This ensures that there’s no foul smell coming from the fridge each time you open it.

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Now that you have got to know what all is important to look into when it comes to choosing the apt refrigerator model for your house or apartment, in the second part of the blog, we will see the range of refrigerators in the market and also check out the best affordable models in 2020.

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