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Grooming Do’s and Don’ts – Before You Buy Philips Trimmer Online!

Grooming has become an important tool in a gentleman’s arsenal, upgrading rather than complementing his attire. It has successfully moved from a trend to a regular fixture, giving birth to the adage, “Always dress up like you are going somewhere better later!

Therefore, investing in a good trimmer will help you tame the unkempt beard when you actually have somewhere better to go. And, what can be better in that respect than Philips?

Wait, there’s more!

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With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some grooming do’s and don’ts to help you get that perfect style.

Grooming Do’s and Don’ts When You Buy Philips Trimmer

Do – daydream about the look that you want

Perhaps the most important part of grooming is deciding what you want to look like. Do you want to show off that strong jawline with a goatee like Anthony Mackie? Or do you want to radiate elegance with a 3-day stubble like Sebastian Stan? Choose The Falcon or The Winter Soldier, we simp over both of them.

Or you can go clean-shaven OG Captain America with the Philips Norelco hybrid trimmer and shaver. Long story short, select a tool that compliments the style you want to harbour.

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Don’t – make a drastic change

“Restraint is the better part of beauty.”

We understand that a new tool can spark the desire to experiment with looks. However, when you feel like giving yourself a makeover, think twice about the change that you want and if it matches the events lined up for the week.

A handlebar moustache or a gunslinger beard and ‘stache may not match the aesthetics of a formal interview. Look yourself, but take it to the max!

Do – think about rotary or foil shavers

Basically, there are two types of Philips trimmers available in the market, i.e., rotary and foil shavers. As the name suggests, foil shavers (like this Philips BT3211) contain two to three blades with a foil. A rotary shaver, on the other hand, sports two or three rotary heads, which lifts the beard before trimming.

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A foil shaver will provide a closer trim, while rotary trimmers are better for stubble and fuller beard. Choose a trimmer based on your styling preferences.

Tip: Keep an eye out on Flipkart and Amazon sales for even more discounts.

Don’t – settle for a do-it-all for beard and body

Scour PAYBACK for an offer on Philips trimmer instead of settling for a sub-brand at a lower price. These all-rounders usually do not come with customisation options, so you will have to choose your style according to the tool and not the other way around.

That’s horror for the fashionista in you, as you will most likely be stuck with a single beard style for casual and formal events alike. If you are tight on budget, make sure to visit the coupons section for additional reward points on each purchase.

Do – adopt a beard and skincare routine

Unfortunately, grooming does not end at the shape and size of your beard. You will need to take proper care of your beard and skin to avoid damage like drying and split ends. In addition to buying Philips trimmer, invest in a dedicated beard shampoo and conditioner, which prevents the facial hair from looking like an old Scotch-Brite scrub pad.

You will also benefit from adopting a skincare routine. Scour Flipkart, Myntra, and Amazon online shopping portals to find personalised men care products. Use a scrub to clear the dead skin cells, use a face wash to remove oil and dirt, and apply a moisturiser to prevent your skin from drying out and keep it healthy.

Don’t – delay it till the last minute

Here’s a pro-tip to end this post.

The perfect hair- and beard style only appear ten days after the haircut.

So, do not leave the grooming routine to hours before the party. Buy Philips trimmer and practice with it to find the best shape and style that matches your face. Avoid using a new skincare product before important functions to prevent unexpected rash patches or skin reactions.

So, there you go! Keep these in mind when you buy Philips trimmer, and you will have a versatile tool that will end up being a valuable addition to your life. After all, you can buy fashion, style you must possess!

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