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Top 5 Options If You’re Looking to Buy Luminous Solar Battery!

Simply buying an inverter won’t resolve your power cut-related worries. You would also need to choose a compatible battery for the same, which can store enough energy to keep your electronics powered. In this regard, if you buy a Luminous Solar battery, you can enjoy the best performance and durability.

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Now, without further ado, let’s check out the top choices when it comes to Luminous battery 150Ah and other options.

Top 5 Luminous Solar Battery to Consider

Take note of the following Luminous batteries for your inverter –

  1. Solar Battery 200 Ah – LPTT12200L

Price: Around Rs. 20,000 approx.

This battery comes with a 3-year warranty and tubular plate construction. This design ensures maximum efficiency and optimal performance.

Another important reason that makes this one of the most popular options when you are in the market to buy a Luminous Solar battery is its extremely low maintenance. You would need to top up the water level once every 8-10 months. If you are worried about the battery failing under high-temperature conditions, don’t be! It is certified to handle even the most extreme temperatures.

  • Solar Battery 150 Ah – LPTT12150H

Price: Around Rs. 18,000 approx.

This 150Ah option promises 60 months’ warranty, ensuring a longer life span. The thicker positive plate and extra electrolytes help the battery power appliances for longer. Once again, low maintenance is a key factor to consider when choosing this particular battery. Topping up is limited to just a single time in around 10 months.

Another major concern for many buyers is the resulting corrosion that usually restricts the durability of these batteries. Well, this Luminous battery’s spine alloy maintains excessive purity and resists corrosion. Therefore, if you notice this product during your Amazon shopping spree, don’t forget to click ‘Add to Cart!’

  • Solar Battery 80Ah – LPTT1280H

Price: Around Rs. 14,500 approx.

If you do not require major power backup or if you only have a few appliances in your home, this 80Ah option would prove to be more pocket-friendly. This specific battery also comes with a distinct 60 months warranty, allowing users to seek free repairs or replacements in case of malfunctions during the first 5 years of usage.

To ensure durability, the spines of this battery have been developed using HADI technology, equipped with a high-pressure casting machine. Also, when you buy a Luminous Solar battery, check the electrolyte levels. This particular product, for instance, sports 20% extra electrolyte for longer power backup.

  • Solar Battery 120Ah – LPTT12120H

Price: Around Rs. 13,500 approx.

Another impressive inverter battery to pick up during a Flipkart sale, this solar cell ships with a 60-month warranty. Some of its advanced features include an oxidation-resistant gauntlet, thicker positive plates and corrosion-resistant spine alloy. Each of these ensures longer battery backup during power loss. Additionally, they ensure that the battery can recover charge quickly after considerable use.

Once again, this product is characterised by its low maintenance and ability to perform impressively under intense temperature condition. If you want to buy a Luminous Solar battery under a budget, this product can surely strike the perfect balance between affordability and advanced features.

  • Solar Battery 100Ah – LPTT12100H

Price: Around Rs. 12,000 approx.

Although limited to just 100Ah, this battery can keep your home’s lights running for hours during a power failure. Most other features are consistent with the other Solar batteries in this list. This product bears 60 months warranty as well, ensuring a life span of at least 5 years. Additionally, the plates on this one are designed to accept charges more efficiently. Corrosion and oxidation resistance are other features you can expect from this 100Ah option. Very low maintenance means that you would only need to top up the machine once every 8 to 10 months.

Thus, if you are looking to buy a Luminous Solar battery, these five are some of the best options available to you.

Are you still confused? Well, let’s clear up some of that confusion!

How to Shop for Inverter Battery?

Before you buy a Luminous Solar battery, keep in mind certain factors that you must consider.

Here they are –

luminous solar battery for power cut
  • The first factor to consider is the average span of power loss in your area. Some regions in India are prone to power cuts for an hour, while in other places, such situations can extend for 4-5 hours as well.
  • The next thing to consider is the actual load that your inverter would need to bear during the power failure. If you are looking to keep one or two lights and a fan running, 100Ah machines would be sufficient. However, if you also want to keep other appliances, such as refrigerators running during power-cuts, you would require a higher battery capacity.

Keep in mind to add the inverter battery expense to your Luminous inverter price because that is the actual cost of acquiring such a setup. Additionally, when buying these products online, visit PAYBACK’s website. If you are an existing PAYBACK member, you can check the coupons section to accelerate earning reward points.

The PAYBACK mobile app can also help if you are trying to access the benefits using your smartphone. Earn 2X points every time you shop via the app.

With access to such a platform, your inverter battery purchasing prospect will surely become simpler. Make sure to keep all of the information in this write-up handy before you buy a Luminous Solar battery.

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