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Why Should You Buy Lenovo Laptops in 2021?

Market giants and premium brands like HP, Apple, Lenovo, and ASUS are witnessing a rapid increase in demand for laptops. According to Market Tracker, International Data Corp., among these brands, Chinese tech giant Lenovo leads the market with a share of 24%. So, if you are looking to buy your new laptop, you directly go for Lenovo laptops in 2021, as they manufacture some of the finest laptops to meet diverse needs, without straining one’s pocket.

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Lenovo Laptops

Top Reasons to Buy a Lenovo Laptop

Whether you are looking to buy the best Lenovo laptops for students or professional reasons, proper insight regarding specifications and features is important. Here’s a laptop purchasing guide to help consumers identify the best Lenovo laptops 2021 and streamline their searching process.

  • High-End Processor

Depending on usage, you need to consider certain technical specifications to ensure that the laptop will meet your requirements without costing extra money. Nowadays, programming or coding is essential in almost all the corporate sectors and lies at the core of modern technology. If you want to master coding, you have to purchase the right laptop to meet your requirements.

Your main focus should be finding a device with an advanced processor and substantial RAM, including a large display to see coding without scrolling frequently.

In this context, it is recommended that one of the best Lenovo laptops for working is Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon GEN 9, a mid-range coding laptop. It is equipped with up to 11th GEN Intel Core i7 processors with a maximum clock speed of 4.20 GHz (Turbo boost).  

Featured with a cutting-edge processor, this product will enhance your experience with rich visuals from Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics. However, before you settle down for a specific processor, tally between the ultimate AMD Ryzen and Intel, where AMD Ryzen is suitable for multi-tasking, whereas Intel Core CPUs are faster when talking about single-core tasks. In today’s world, these two processors are the indomitable market players.

For most, Intel is the top choice possessing more advanced technology and high performance; on the other hand, AMD provides an affordable solution that depends on raw power.

Note- A special advantage of this laptop is the human-presence detection that automatically locks it when you are away from the device and enables zero-touch Login.

Price: Rs. 1,66,915 approx.

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Lenovo Laptop processor
  • Wider Display

Apart from the processor, the next important thing that matters while purchasing a product is its display. Consumers have chosen Lenovo laptops 2021 for their work from home routine, among several other electronic gadget brands due to their high-resolution and fine-colour display. 

So, to provide a better viewing experience, Lenovo laptops 2021 comes with IPS technology. This high-quality display technology provides a superb user experience with its wider angle and rich colour quality. This advanced technology not only makes your working experience smooth but is also a perfect companion for binge-watching movies and shows.

IPS technology also provides wider viewing angles, with the liquid crystal running parallel and not perpendicular, perfect for watching videos, movies, photos, etc. Due to its wide colour range, this technology is also best for professionals working in creative domains.

So, if you are wondering which Lenovo model features this modern technology, read along!

Lenovo ThinkPad X390 Intel Core i7 laptop from the Lenovo ThinkPad X series is equipped with an HD display. It provides an unmatchable viewing experience with a rich anti-glare display, a screen size of 13.3-inch (1920×1080), IPS technology 300 Nits display, along with a 720p HD camera with a Think shutter.

Price: Rs. 1,30,000 approx.

  • Expanded Memory

When purchasing a laptop, it is essential to determine how much internal storage is required to store files and programs on your device. This is an extremely important factor for working individuals dealing with multiple programs and software. With a higher RAM, you can use multiple applications without slowing the speed of your laptop. Based on the amount of storage, the price of the laptop can increase considerably.

Lenovo’s high-functioning laptops are available in multi-storage configurations. There are even devices equipped with both SSDs and HDDs to explore the best features of both technologies. For example, Lenovo ThinkPad T14 GEN 2(14, AMD) comes with an 8GB DDR4, 3200 MHz onboard that ensures the highest performance and makes it an ideal product for daily work requirements. Moreover, its massive storage helps in storing important documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and numerous applications.

Moreover, charging is never a problem for this device as it is equipped with a 65W AC Adapter, PCC (3Pin), and USB Type C port. Other than these, one of the essential things to check before purchasing a gadget is checking the warranty period. The laptop mentioned above comes with a 3-year warranty on-site. On top of that, Lenovo provides one-year warranty service for batteries, digitizer pens and stylus.

Price: Rs. 82,000 approx.

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  • High Storage Space

When considering overall performance, a laptop’s storage drive is essential than other components. To get a fair idea about how much storage you should get, always check the storage of your current laptop. Keeping this in mind, you can upgrade your laptop to 256 GB to give yourself ample space for storing multiple apps, important documents, presentations etc.

For example, Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 7 Core i7 11th GEN comes with 16 GB memory, Soldered DDR4, 3200 MHz and giant storage space of 1TB PCie SSD. Though choosing a storage space for a laptop depends on many things, it is wise to choose a 256GB SSD and another 1TB external HDD.

Price: Rs. 1,05,000 approx.

  • Extended Battery Life

If you use laptops for working purposes and frequently travel for business reasons, you need all day battery life or at least a substantial battery backup. For example, Lenovo ThinkPad X13 comes with a 6 cell, 48Wh, up to a massive battery life of up to 10 hours. It provides all-day quality battery performance, further improving its portability.

If your device needs power, its rapid charging technology is again a reason to make it one of the best Lenovo laptops 2021. It allows you to finish your work and important presentations without any hassle.

Price: Rs. 1,12,000 approx.

Alternatively, consumers can choose Lenovo Notebooks that are portable and helps to carry all important documents and files with you. It is best for the professionals who need to work fast and efficiently.

Note: All these devices are equipped with quality webcams that provide better resolutions, photos, and videos and allows you to attend meetings without interruption or hassle.

For example, Lenovo Yoga 6 (13’’) 2 in 1 laptop comes with 206.4mm x 308mm x 17-18.2mm display and weighs around 1.4kg. Moreover, they are provisioned with stellar graphics, substantial storage and powerful memory.

Price: Rs. 87,000 approx.

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