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How to Shop for Blankets Online at the Best Prices?

Winter’s just around the corner, but the chills have started to set in already. It’s time to take out the big guns – blankets, of course.

From now on, weekends will just be you, a cosy blanket, a cup of hot chocolate or tea, and a nice book or movie! Perfect!

What’s that? Short of the mix by just a blanket?

No need to break out into a sweat (duh!) just yet. With platforms like Amazon and Flipkart at your disposal, you can buy blankets online with just a few taps.

You can shop from a bevvy of quilts, down comforters, duvets, fleece blankets, and more at the best prices with e-vouchers, redeemable against your PAYBACK points.

But, before heading to browse for them, there are a few pointers that you must keep in mind to ensure the perfect buy.

Check the size

You wouldn’t want to bring home a blanket only to find it doesn’t stretch till your toes! Or, it just misses the perfect tuck! That ruins the comfort quotient.

In most cases, you can view the dimensions in the product page. Otherwise, the description will feature one of these –

  • King (W x L) – 90-inch x 110 inch
  • Queen (W x L) – 90 inch x 90 inch
  • Full (W x L) – 90 inch x 80 inch
  • Twin (W x L) – 90 inch x 65 inch

These are the approximate dimensions and can differ depending on the company. But, make sure you buy a blanket in a size that’s larger than your bed’s dimensions.

In case you are shopping for blankets for kids, take extra notice of the size you pick. There are hardly few things as calming for a baby as a nice, warm wrap, and you need to ensure that.

If it’s for your toddler, go by the same handbook as you’d when buying a blanket for yourself.

Pick the perfect material

It’s perhaps the most vital thing to consider when you buy blanket online. The material you pick determines the level of comfort and warmth you enjoy.

When choosing the material, consider factors like the lowest temperature your location records and allergies.

Here are the types of fabrics generally used in blankets –

1. Cotton Blanket

Cotton blankets are ideal for any weather. The warmth they provide primarily depends on the weave of the blanket. If you or the person who will be using them has allergies, a cotton blanket may be suitable.

2. Down Blanket

Down blankets and comforters are incredibly plush and comfy. These are light-weight and thin but can keep you warm in temperatures ranging between 10°C to 20°C. Nonetheless, make sure you are not allergic to feathers. If you are, consider a synthetic substitute for the same.

3. Fleece Blanket

You might consider fleece if you are shopping for baby blankets online. Fleece fabrics feel exceedingly soft on the skin and can help to keep warm efficiently. Also, fleece blankets can absorb moisture well, making it ideal for a baby. Fleece blankets are suitable for places where the minimum temperature does not drop below 20°C.

4. Cashmere Blanket

Cashmere needs no introduction. Only a few, if any, can compare to the plush, comfy feel of cashmere blankets. Enjoy supreme coziness and warmth with a cashmere blanket wrapped around. These are ideal for temperatures below 10°C. But, the price of blankets made from cashmere is comparatively higher than that of other fabrics.

5. Synthetic Blanket

The most common synthetics used to weave blankets are polyester, acrylic, and microfiber. Synthetic blankets are an apt choice if you’re looking for something in a budget. But they tend to hold onto dust, hair, and the likes. So, you may want to avoid these if you are prone to allergy. You can easily consider mink blankets and quilts made of synthetic fabrics for temperatures below 10°C.

Besides the size and fabric, it might be worthwhile to put some thought into the colour when browsing to buy blankets online.

If your room is designed based on a particular colour palette, you wouldn’t want to stray from it with a discordant colour.

You might also want to look into ways to maximise your shopping benefits. You can get exciting discounts, cashback offers, and chance to earn exciting reward points if you just look in the right place.

  • Bank offers

Check the Available Offers section if you are shopping on Flipkart or the Save more with offers section on Amazon. Here you can find instant discount and cashback offers across different bank cards.

  • Use e-vouchers

If you have sufficient PAYBACK points, you’d be remiss not to redeem them for e-vouchers when planning to buy blankets online. With an Amazon or Flipkart e-voucher, you can discount a hefty sum of the blanket’s price or make your purchase virtually free.

  • Activate coupons

PAYBACK coupons are your gateway to bonus reward points. Simply activate the relevant coupon and then continue with shopping for blankets, per usual, to be eligible for handsome reward points. You can also earn 2x points by shopping via the PAYBACK app.

  • Limited period offers

Look for limited period offers on blankets featured by shopping destinations like Flipkart and Amazon. These offers are usually accessible from their homepage directly, or you can browse to their home essentials section and check.

Also, sometimes you can find the same product on different platforms at varying prices. So, a little research might help your cause.

For instance, if you are looking to buy Signature blankets, comparing Signature blanket prices can go a long way in ensuring the best buy.

Keep these factors in mind, ensure to check the blanket material and size, and bring home the best blanket for yourself and/or your family this winter!

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