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Check Out the Best Brands To Buy Table Fan Online!

There are spaces in a room that the air from a ceiling fan simply won’t reach! How many agree to this?

That’s why every Indian home needs the additional cooling option of a table fan. It can sit conveniently on any surface and blow air to every niche, nook or corner. With the help of a suitable extension cord, you can also use it on your balconies or terraces.

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But before you set out to buy a table fan, check out some of the best table fan brands in the market. These are household names with some extra special features that you didn’t know existed.

Take a look through below!

Orient Electric

A product of the CK Birla Group, Orient Electric makes sturdy and highly durable table fans. Check out some of their features below:

  • They come with copper motors and powder coated guards that ensure better protection and a much longer life.
  • Orient Electric fans also come with several design options, from retro to modern classic options.
  • Orient Electric has also come up with a five-blade fan that uses the latest CTX (concentric winding) technology. This technology guarantees a higher airflow, silent operation, low power consumption and high reliability. You will find this superb technology in the Wind Pro range of fans which gives out 95 cubic metres per minute of airflow.

Examples include:

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Everyone probably remembers Crompton for their tongue-in-cheek advertisements. However, they are also famous for their very well-built table fans. Check out some of their features below:

  • Crompton’s table fan models are both classy to look at and come with a broader oscillation and motorised control. These fans give higher and more pin-pointed delivery than their other counterparts.
  • Crompton models are built to last long. This is because they come with an inbuilt technology that helps them to offer thermal overload protection. You do not have to worry about the fans overheating and burning up!
  • The Crompton table fans use the Silent Pro technology that creates minimum noise. These fans tend to be two times more silent than other regular fans.
  • Some of their products come with 5 blades that produce around 20% higher output.
  • Also, these table fans have a sturdy base and an ABS blade with superior aerodynamics.

Some of the most renowned names from this brand are:

Buy table fan online from Crompton, and choose from the regular models such as SilentPro Pentaflo TF, High Flo Eva, among others.


buy table fan online

Havells products are famous for their jerk-free oscillations and very exemplary low voltage performance. They come in highly exotic styles that make for beautiful additions to any home. Here are some of their more noted features –

  • Havells comes with a great safety feature in their jerk-free variety of table fans. They are suited to smoother functioning, translating to less noise.
  • They come with a thermal overload protector that protects the table fan motor in case of voltage fluctuations.
  • They all come with a Rib guard safety and pivot arrangement which is required for tilting and oscillation.
  • The table fans are fitted with a high performing motor for higher air delivery.

Some of the renowned models from this prestigious company include:

You can buy table fan online from Havells during any sale. One of the best buying options is the Flipkart sale, where you can avail the best offers.


India’s homegrown brand Usha has been in the table fan business for almost a century. They make highly durable fans along with quirky designs to fit into any corner of your home.

  • The company uses 100% copper motors in most of its products.
  • They come with a very easy to clean powder coated guard.
  • The sleek aerodynamic finish of the ABS blades is best suited for corrosion protection.
  • In the case of thermal overload, it has an inbuilt fuse.
  • Also, there is a unique pivot arrangement that makes for easy tilting.

Some of the best examples of Usha’s products are:

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A trusty name in the table fan business, Bajaj has one of the best quality table fans. Their products also come under a very affordable price range. Check out some of their features below:

  • These fans are known for their lightweight designs that are super easy to move from room to room.
  • Most of the models from Bajaj comes with an oscillation feature, which means the fans can move around at 180 degrees. Use this feature when you don’t want their regular features.
  • The models from Bajaj are also known to be extremely energy efficient.

Some of the leading models from Bajaj are as given below:

One of the best places to buy table fans from all these renowned brands is on Amazon online shopping. You can enjoy great deals with every purchase you make. Additionally, to save a little more, route your purchase through PAYBACK, and you can accrue additional points.

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In conclusion, a table fan is a perfect addition to a home for a corner where air from the ceiling fan cannot reach. You can also enjoy its benefits on the rooftop or in your verandah so buy table fan online today!

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