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Best Air Coolers In India To Beat Summer Heat In 2021!

Do you know the worst part about living in a tropical country? – Hands down, the sultry heat and unbearable humidity.

The summer heat tends to do strange things to not just our energy level but also to our quality of sleep. While most people are quick to resolve the issue by installing an air conditioner, others might find the added cost of installation and inflated electricity bills a bit difficult to bear. Fortunately, a classic air cooler seems to be the ultimate respite from the summer heat and tormenting electricity bills.

The electronics segment of every online shopping site (even offline stores) has a vast selection of ‘the best air coolers in India’. While this definitely provides ample variety to choose from, it can also leave buyers scratching their heads about which one to get.

Keeping such grievances in mind, we have listed some of the top low-cost air coolers in India below to make the summer season bearable, pleasant even. We have also shared some exciting tips as to how you can save more on air cooler price through PAYBACK.

Here’s How a Cooler can be of Optimum Help During Summers!

best air coolers 2021

Besides being an eco-friendly alternative, an air cooler is more economical in the long run.

Take a look below to understand how air coolers can help optimise your benefits, as compared to, say, an air conditioner.

  • Save ElectricityDid you know, air conditioners consume 75% more electricity than swamp coolers? Air coolers consume much less electricity as they depend on motors to produce cool air and do not rely on compressors like the ACs. The operating cost is 3X more than air coolers.
  • Hassle-free installation – Unlike an AC, you do not need to install an air cooler to use it. Generally, consumers pay in-between Rs.1500 Rs.4000 to install a 1.5-ton split AC. So, by choosing an air cooler, you can save on installation costs that cannot be escaped while installing a window or split AC.
  • Product price – On top of these, air conditioners are way more expensive than standard air coolers, which may not suit the budget of an average consumer. For example, a decent air conditioner will cost you nearly Rs.30000, which is way more than what you would pay for a premium air cooler.

So, now that you know about the cost-effective benefits of air-coolers proceed to check out the best air coolers in budget.

Top Low-Cost Air Coolers to Check This Season

Glance through this list of the best air coolers in India in the budget segment to make a pick.

Air Cooler Price – Rs.4900 approx.

Water Tank Capacity – 20L

Are you on a tight budget? No need to worry!

This particular air cooler could be just the one that you need! In fact, this personal air cooler is considered to be among the best of the lot under Rs.5000. It comes with a 20L tank that can cool an area of nearly 150 sq. ft.

However, the best thing about this Orient air cooler is that it allows you to adjust speed and operating mode, and it also has a 360 degree and 4-way air deflection setting. This indoor cooler consumes 140W and is compatible to run on an inverter.

You can further save on this cost-effective cooling device by making the most of the frequent Flipkart sales.

best air coolers 2021

Air Cooler Price – Rs.5900 approx.

Water Tank Capacity – 36L 

The sleek design and spacious tank capacity make this air cooler a popular choice in the budget segment. This cooling device is considered suitable for an area of up to 150 sq. ft. In fact, the model is advertised as an ideal cooling device for bedroom and office space.

This Bajaj air cooler consumes 100W and uses innovations like 4-way air deflection and chill trap technology. Besides these ‘cool features’, the corrosion-free material and castor wheels make it easy to maintain and move around.

While this cooler is considered a budget-friendly product, you can facilitate more savings on its price, as well as on other models, by routing your purchase through the PAYBACK App. By doing so, you will earn 2X points on your transaction.

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Air Cooler Price – Rs.6600 approx.

Water Tank Capacity – 54L

This air cooler boasts of energy savings and quick cooling. Being an offering from the reputed brand of Bajaj, this cooler is one of the more popular options available in the market. Its notable water tank capacity makes it suitable to cool a large room for a long time without the need to refill it every now and then. 

Its 4-way swing deflection and float valve make it quite efficient at cooling, while the castor wheels make it portable enough to move from one room to another. Bajaj’s air cooler consumes about 230W power and is compatible with an inverter.

Know that, as a PAYBACK member, you can redeem points for products and get this air cooler free of cost. In case you don’t have enough points to bag this product for free, you can pay for it in both cash and points.

best air coolers in india

Air Cooler Price – Rs.7700 approx.

Water Tank Capacity – 65L

This product is one of the most popular choices of air coolers among consumers, mostly because of its durability and performance. It is adept at cooling an area of nearly 700 sq. ft and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The shock-resistant body and 3-speed setting of the Maharaja Whiteline Rambo make it a smart buy. Plus, the cooler’s air filter ensures dust and germ-free atmosphere. This popular air cooler consumer around 165 W of power. You can also check this product on our partner sites and look for lucrative offers that can help to make your summer a little bit cooler and easy on your pocket.

Air Cooler Price – Rs.9600 approx.

Water Tank Capacity – 75L

This product is among the top contenders of the best air coolers in India. Its massive water tank capacity facilitates prompt cooling of an area of 550 sq. ft.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

The air cooler comes with a designated chamber of ice and 4-way air deflection that imparts a superior cooling experience and exceptional performance. Its light weight and wheels make it easier to push around the room as per requirement.

It also consumes around 190W of power, making it energy efficient. Besides the brand value and the product specs, this particular cooler is also an ideal fit for a modern house because of its sleek and contemporary design.

These are among the top air coolers ruling the market this season owing to their affordability and efficient performance. In case you are on a tight budget, you can check our partner stores and shopping sites like Amazon or Flipkart to find products listed under air cooler price 3000 to 5000.

As a PAYBACK member, you can use your points to avail an e-voucher of Amazon or Flipkart and bag attractive offers and discounts on your cooler purchase. Don’t forget to check out other latest Flipkart online shopping site offers to save more on your purchase.

These nifty tips will help you buy an air cooler within your budget and make this season much more enjoyable.

Download the PAYBACK APP now and browse for the best air coolers in India to bid the summer heat adieu!

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