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Bajaj or Orpat Room Heater? Here’s a Comparative Study of Both Brands!

If outside is so good, why has mankind spent thousands of years trying to perfect inside?” – Sheldon Cooper, TBBT.

Sheldon’s words hit differently in the season of chapped lips and dry skin. With temperature drops common during this time of the year, your haven needs to be as warm and cosy as possible for maximum comfort and relaxation. When it comes to creating and maintaining a warm ambient room temperature, there is no better choice than a blow hot room heater.

Just like ACs on the other end of the temperature spectrum, there are several brands and models of room heaters you can choose from in the market. So, to help you make an informed purchase decision, we put two together a comparison of the household brands competing for the coveted 1st place.

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Bajaj vs Orpat: A Generic Overview

Bajaj and Orpat are two electrical brands that require no introduction. Both of these companies have served the Indian consumers for many years now, with tailored products in the inventory that match maximum customer requirements.

Part of the Bajaj Group, Bajaj Electricals was founded back in 1938. With nearly 80 years of field experience, the brand has a diverse range of products, including consumer durables like room heaters that are long-lasting and effective.

Orpat, on the other hand, was founded in 1971 and has since grown to become one of the most renowned wall clock manufacturers globally. The company also deals with manufacturing smart home appliances like grinders, fans, telephones, etc., which are competitively priced and offer top-of-the-line products.

So, to make this comparative study, we used several parameters that ensure maximum savings when you want to buy room heater online for your home.

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Parameters to Compare Bajaj and Orpat Room Heaters

1. Type of Heater

A quick search for Bajaj room heater price on PAYBACK’s partner stores like Amazon and Flipkart should reveal that there are many models available for purchase. In fact, there are 4 distinct classes of room heaters available for sale, i.e. fan blow hot room heater, convection heater, radiator, and oil-filled heater.

In terms of usability, each class has a different purpose and effectiveness. Fan heaters are vastly popular in India due to their small size and cheaper price tag. Bajaj blow hot room heater is one of the most popular ones in this segment, where an electric coil generates, and a blowing fan dissipates heat into your room.

Similarly, convection heaters rely on the natural displacement of warm air. Radiators use a halogen bulb as the heat source, and oil-filled heaters use electric current to heat a pre-filled thermal oil and circulate it.

2. Size and Portability

In a contemporary house, size and portability of appliances like a room heater also play a significant role. A compact design means that the machine will be easier to carry around the house and will fit in storage spaces once winters are gone for the year.

For example, a 2000W lightweight element heater from Orpat is one of the most popular Orpat room heaters online. It adds an aesthetic element to a room and can be easily carried around and stored when not in use.

Secondly, heater size is also indirectly related to the heating capacity; larger fan heaters are better suited for larger rooms.

3. Heat Settings

Unlike hot and cold ACs with precise temperature control, room heaters offer two or three generic heating settings. Both Bajaj and Orpat room heaters come with an adjustable knob that offers two distinct heat settings (1000W and 2000W).

Multiple heat settings can also help save power in the long run, especially if you plan to leave the heater on throughout the night.

4. Safety Aspects

Oil-filled heaters are the safest out of all the four types mentioned above. These variants come with several safety features like a cord-winder, tip-over switch, and auto-shutoff to prevent overheating.

A Bajaj Oil-filled room heater also comes with a tubular heating element for better heat dissipation and the chrome front-panel helps it to fit in any corner of your room.

5. Price

In a head-to-head comparison, Orpat room heaters are priced slightly lower than their Bajaj counterparts. However, there’s more to the price difference than what meets the eye.

The room heater price depends on the type of heater that you select. Infrared heaters are the cheapest while oil-filled heaters are the most expensive.

Blow hot room heaters are also relatively inexpensive and are often portable. You can set it up in any room in your house for maximum comfort. However, for larger spaces, you might want to be looking at costlier convection or oil-filled heaters.

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There’s very little separating Bajaj and Orpat room heaters, and you won’t be making a wrong purchase decision with either of them. Do not forget to route your searches via a loyalty program like PAYBACK and maximise savings on each purchase.

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