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5 Tricks to Buy a Kindle at Lowest Price on Amazon

“Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading” – Lena Dunham

What Lena Dunham says here surely resonates with avid readers across the globe. If you are also one of the few who just cannot get over with reading, chances are you have looked at the prices of Amazon Kindle every now and then.

Their prices might be a reason why you still have a bit of reservation when it comes to buying this device for yourself.

Well, guess what? There are ways you can get that Kindle you have been eyeing for long at a much lower price. The trick lies in looking at the right places and playing your cards right.

Take a look!

How to Buy Amazon Kindle at the Lowest Price

1. Buy through PAYBACK

PAYBACK is a multi-brand loyalty programme, which lets you earn reward points on every purchase you make via its app or website. What’s more, the membership is free and valid for lifetime.

So, how does it help your Amazon online shopping for Kindle?

If you shop online frequently, consider making your purchases via PAYBACK. That way, you can amass PAYBACK points faster and more efficiently, and pave the roadmap to your Kindle purchase.

When you have accumulated sufficient points, redeem them for an Amazon voucher. With the e-voucher, head to Amazon’s website and proceed to buy the long-coveted Kindle!

What’s more, when you buy the Amazon Kindle through PAYBACK, you accrue reward points on that as well. So, you can enjoy double the benefits! Shopping online via its app additionally rewards you with 2x points.

Lastly, check the Coupons section in PAYBACK, where you activate one to earn accelerated reward points on your purchases and also stand to earn substantially more.

So, create value for yourself with this loyalty programme to make the most of online shopping. You can also earn PAYBACK points by using its card at in-store partnered outlets.

2. Look out for “Save Extra with Offers” Section

Amazon features a “Save Extra with Offers” section in each product page, and it’s no different for Kindle.

What is it?

Usually, there are two kinds of offers up for grabs on Amazon Kindle sales, Bank offers and Partner Offers.

Under Bank offers, you can receive cashback in the range of 5% – 10% on the listed price, which you will receive on your Amazon Pay account.

The Partner offers segment also provides cashback on your purchase up to 10%. By utilising these online offers, you can bring down the cost of your purchase considerably.

That’s not all!

If you have any voucher or promo codes from loyalty programmes such as PAYBACK, you can club that with such offers to maximise your savings.

3. Don’t miss out on events

Amazon hosts two primary online shopping festivals a year, Prime Day and The Great Indian Sale. Be on the lookout for their dates.

These festivals come with incredible discounts on several electronic products, including Kindle.

Apart from these two festivals, the e-commerce giant also presents other events from time to time, with lower laptop price as well as a drop in rates of Kindle.

So, ensure to set a reminder for those dates so as to not miss out on deals and offers. You can also add the Kindle you want to buy to your wishlist, so Amazon notifies when there’s a drop in price.

4. Save with ICICI cards

In case you possess an ICICI debit or credit card, you can use it to earn PAYBACK points. How does it help?

When you purchase anything on Amazon using an ICICI debit/credit card, it accrues reward points. You also earn PAYBACK points when you shop through its app or website, thus, multiplying your benefits.

It allows you to earn reward points expediently, which you can use to reduce the price of Amazon Kindle when shopping. It’s a simple and effective way to purchase Kindle by incurring the lowest cost possible.

5. Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited allows you to access any number of titles available on the platform against a membership fee of Rs. 169 per month. With an active membership, you are privy to its benefits across all devices that support the Kindle reader app.

This can act as an alternative if you are looking to buy a tablet and not merely a reading device. All the points described above can help you to reduce a tablet Samsung price or rate of any other portable device as well.

How to Use a Kindle?

Once you have bought your Kindle, here are the steps you need to follow to get started –

  • Firstly, charge the Amazon Kindle device fully. It can last you for weeks.
  • Then, connect the device to Wi-Fi so you can continue to set up your account.
  • Following that, register yourself by signing in or creating a new account and also provide card details for future purchases.

And you are done!

You can start downloading books right away. In case you have previously bought eBooks on Kindle, download them to get started.

To conserve the battery life, you can opt to read in Airplane mode. It also provides you with the option to adjust the brightness level. Tap on the Gear icon and select the relevant option to do so.

Aside from that, you can also optimise the font size to your convenience. Just tap on the upper side of the screen, select the Aa symbol and choose the suitable font size.

Lastly, here’s a tip before buying an Amazon Kindle. Compare different Kindle models based on their memory capacity and features like waterproof, anti-glare, etc. to make the most of your purchase.    

Let’s be honest. In this modern-day and age, paperbacks are becoming more and more unfeasible. Kindles, in that regard, provide a reprieve beyond measure! 

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