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5 Things to Look for While Shopping for Washing Machines Online in 2021 – Samsung, LG, IFB and More!

When washing machines were first introduced, they were touted to be luxury items. But now hectic working hours and a busy lifestyle warrant their necessity.

Every Sunday has become ‘laundry day’, where we wash out a week’s worth of clothes alongside our stress.  It’s thus prescribed that you buy a washing machine in today’s day and age.

But, the question is, which one?

With the advent of e-commerce platforms, browsing for various washing machine models has undoubtedly become much easier. Further with loyalty reward programmes like PAYBACK at your disposal, shopping for the appliance has also become much more cost-effective.

However, washing machine prices cannot be the only factor to consider when you are making this long-term investment decision. Right?

Wondering what else to look for?

Keep reading!

5 Things to Look for While Buying a Washing Machine

1. Function type

Washing machines mostly come in two variants – semi-automatic or fully-automatic.

This choice of function depends on your requirements and needs. Semi-automatic washing machines require you to do a lot of works manually. You have to fill the tub up before every wash, and in case of twin-tubs, transfer the washed clothes into the dryer, et al.

Alternatively, a fully automatic washing machine takes care of everything by itself, at the touch of one button. Thus, with these, laundry becomes less time consuming, and you can rest easy after putting the clothes in for washing.

But, washing machine price for fully automatic ones is relatively higher than that of a semi-automatic one. If saving time and effort is your priority, then go for a fully automatic machine. However, the latter makes for a more economical option.

2. Loading capacity

The loading capacity of your ideal washing machine will depend on your laundry volume for each wash. If you are a member of a packed household, you will need a machine with quite a high capacity.

Loading capacity is measured in kilograms, but weighing your clothes accurately can be arduous.

It is, thus, ideal to refer to reviews for gauging how much a machine can accommodate.

You can opt to buy LG washing machines as they manufacture some of the best appliances with substantial loading capacities. Case in point, the LG T10SJSF1Z, a 5 star rated machine with a massive capacity of 10kg.

This brings us to the third point.

3. Loading type

A front-load washing machine is ideal if you have enough space to accommodate it in your house. Otherwise, the narrow top load washing machine can be a better cleaning companion to suit your needs. Your Flipkart shopping will get easier if you keep this point in mind, by helping you to narrow down options.

Usually, front-load machines are fully automatic and come with several different washing options. They waste less water and consume little energy while washing.

Top load washing machines, on the other hand, take lesser space and offer a higher loading capacity. They might seem cheaper when compared to the washing machine price of a front-load one. But in the long run, their cost of usage rakes up higher bills.

Elite Plus SX, from the IFB washing machine line, is one of the best front load options with an impressive capacity of 7.5kg.

You can buy it through PAYBACK’s app, and its relatively high price will not remain a problem anymore. You can redeem your accumulated reward points on this purchase and get it at a discounted price without hassle.

4. Spin cycle

The spin cycle of any washing machine is determined by the revolutions it makes in a minute. This feature is used to dry clothes; however, it is not necessary that a high spin cycle always translates to better drying.

If you want a washing machine to wash frail clothes, then the ideal spin cycle would be around 300-500 rpm. In comparison, drying clothes like jeans would require a spin cycle of 1000rpm.

Instead of focusing on the number of revolutions, choose the washing machine that would serve your specific purpose. Soft clothes tend to stretch under higher rpms, so unless you like loosely fitted garments, check the spin cycle before making a purchase.

Generally higher the number of revolutions, higher will be the washing machine price. So, you are saving money by making the right choice. And if you wish to save more, then buy it during the Flipkart sale via PAYBACK. Also, remember that you can earn 2X points while shopping through PAYBACK’s app.

5. Wash settings

The more settings a washing machine features, the better for you.


Because we don’t just wash a single type of cloth every day!

Your washing needs requirements are dynamic, and you will need your machine to keep up with them. Thus, it is ideal to buy washers like IFB Senorita Aqua SX or LG T7577NEDLK which come with an array of settings to suit every need.

You can also take a look at Samsung WA65N4420NS – TL, in this regard.

These are fully automatic washing machines with long lists of customisable programs. With these, you can enjoy the benefit of high spin cycles, and also regulate them per the clothes that need washing.

The smart choice and buy your closet’s best friend. However, if the washing machine price seems out of your budget, then PAYBACK’s there to help you through it.

Earn points by purchasing from the loyalty program then get a voucher by redeeming them. Use those vouchers on PAYBACK’s partner websites, to avail substantial discounts on your future purchases. This way, you will easily keep within your budget, even while shopping for the latest washing machines.

Spend that extra cash saved to buy those clothes you have in your wishlist. You can put your washing machine to good use later for washing these clothes!

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